The letter of Chris Kutschera (Paul Maubec) answering my comments on his book Le Défi Kurde

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from Paul Maubec to Ahmad, 21 August, 1998
Hi Ahmad,
I have received your long message, both by e-mail and by fax, and thank you for it. I pity you for having started to write this long letter in French. .
You are one of the few Kurdish people to have sent me such a long commentary on my book, and I am grateful to you.
Basically, your remarks relate to three points on which we do not quite agree.

  • what concerns the PUK. . .
  • details concerning the history of the movement in Iranian Kurdistan.
  • the person of Sheikh Ezzedine
    If I could make mistakes on certain names or details, I believe, for the rest, that we have a different vision of the history. . . But do not forget that on many events (the “cleansing” of Badinan, the trip of Moini in Europe, that is to say Talabani, etc, Ghassemlou, etc)
    I do hope that we will have the opportunity to meet to talk about it face to face.
    Tell me if you have any problems getting the January 1 article from Le Monde? . .
    see you soon.