Pareshany* (Distracted, Torment)

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By: Hedi (Khalid Agha Hesami)

If wine is no solution to my sorrow, the wine-house is not to blame!

In this pain the wine fails to get me drunk, the glass is not to blame!

I do not think anyone can come to my rescue with this grievance!
When the friend is not faithful, the stranger is not to blame!

Give your hair to the comb, but do not crease your brow,
if the breeze ruffles your hair, the comb is not to blame!

Everything is blamed on the lover, even when in the clear,
if the candle is inflamed, the butterfly is not to blame!

My troubles and my vagrancy are my own fault,
if the bird chooses to take off, the nest is not to blame!

Crazed by your beauty I ended up in the mountains and deserts,
when the wise man is shackled, the demented is not to blame!

Your beauty spot is framed, but imagination is lovely and simple,
What should the poor soul do among so many bounds?

No pages and lines can hold the image of your beauty,
That said, the fairy-tale-writer is not to blame!

When my longing for you engulfs me, it is said, “May it end well!”
If the wound is old, Hedi
is not to blame!

Translated from Kurdish; Ahmad Eskandari
September 20, 2011

* Perêşanî, Distracted, Torment,